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1370 E. Cypress St, Covina, CA 91724. Closed Sun and Mon. 10am-5.30pm weekdays. 11am-4pm Sat.

A view of the Sunny Audio VIdeo showroom with Wilson Audio and Audio Research products

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We have one of the largest on-floor inventories of high-end audio in the country. We welcome walk-ins, and encourage extended auditions. You can  listen to entire model ranges from T+A Elektroakustik, Audio Research, Wilson Audio, and Meridian Audio. We use Harmonic Resolution Systems audio supports, and AudioQuest cables and power products.

We also have products from Brinkmann, Dr Feickert, Technics, Rega, Pro-Ject, GoldenEar, Arcam, Audeze, Artnovion, and many more. 

Experience the Lost Art of One-to-One High-End Audio Consulting

My name is Sunil Merchant and I welcome you into my high-end audio store in Covina, Southern California. It is a labor of love that stems from my affinity towards designing and building simple, effective, and technologically advanced high-performance audio systems. At Sunny’s we believe in understanding our customers' specific needs and personality, which are reflected in the systems we build for you.
We work with over 50 manufacturers of high-end audio equipment. In our store you will find a range of speakers, cables, and electronics to fit your budget, with no compromise on performance. So whether you love two-channel music, or multi-channel home cinema, vacuum tubes, digital audio, or turntables, our store is a one-stop shop for your requirements.

We have a huge showroom set up with several systems, both vacuum tube and solid state, in a wide range of prices. You are welcome to drop by anytime during store hours, and listen to our systems, or call us at 626-966-6259 for a consultation appointment. 

Featured and Recent Blog Posts

  1. Klipsch Heresy Loudspeakers at Sunny Components,
    31 Jan, 2017
    Thursday Treasure: One Pair of Klipsch Heresy Loudspeakers
    Sunil Merchant has been in the business a long time, and he's seen a lot of product go through the Sunny Components doors. Over the years, a collection has built up comprising demo units, trade-ins, or, sometimes, units that never sold. These include speakers, electronics, cables, racks, isolation products, power conditioners... you'd be amazed at how many interesting items there are around the showrooms, storage areas, and warehouses. Every fortnight, we go on a treasure hunt and pick a product
  2. Subwoofers on a Stereo System? Never! ... Never?
    29 Oct, 2016
    Subwoofers on a Stereo System? Never! ... Never?
    Don’t have time to read an article? Read our REL No. 25 Quick Notes. In my years as an agnostic audiophile, I’ve often had to relinquish precepts I held dear. Okay, okay, that’s just a roundabout way of saying I’ve often had my mind blown. Most recently was when David Schultz of REL Acoustics flicked two toggle switches, and forever changed my view of the subwoofer. Like many of you, I’d never considered a subwoofer for a two-channel set-up. We all know the problems. Loose, muddy bass, messed
  3. Garth Powell, Director of Power Engineering, AudioQuest
    26 Oct, 2016
    With Great Power... Talking to Garth Powell of Audioquest about the Niagara
    At Sunny's, we've repeatedly heard the amazing improvement that AudioQuest power conditioners bring to systems, both in store and at a range of customer installations. We are sold. Yet, power conditioning can be a bit of a dark art, so we talked to the designer of the Niagara range, Garth Powell, Director of Power Engineering, AudioQuest. We asked him some questions about power conditioners in general, and how you might use more than one in a system. Garth Powell, designer of the Niagara range
  4. A detail view of the Wilson Audio Specialties Sasha Series 2 loudspeaker
    19 Sep, 2016
    Come with Sunny's on a Wilson Audio Installation
    We visit a customer in Palm Springs with a pair of Wilson Audio Specialties Sasha Series 2 for an optimized speaker installation We don't know if you've ever moved a Wilson Audio Specialties loudspeaker, but once you've hefted one (even if you haven't heard one), it's clear David Wilson doesn't mess around. These are seriously heavy speakers. But we don't mess around at Sunny's either, and we were out in Palm Springs, cajoling the Sophias out of the house of good Sunny's customer and all-round
News and New Arrivals

Meridian 218 Zone Controller at Sunny's

AudioQuest NightHawk Special

Just in, a shipment of the AudioQuest NightHawk semi-open headphones. Retail is $599, these are on sale, brand-new-in-box for $499. We have 20 pairs in stock, and they're going to fly out of here fast! Call today.
AudioQuest Pre-Made Specials

We have new stock of current and previous generations AudioQuest cables that are on special promotion.

Click here

Technics System Offer

Rega Planar in Stock

Rega turntables have always been revered for performance that belies their price point.  The Planar is a much-storied name in analog world. We have the all-new Planar 1 and Planar 2 in stock now.

If you're on a audio enthusiast on a budget, or you're thinking of a present for the young music fan at home, the Rega Planar series offers a very special introduction to "proper" hi-fi sound.

These turntables come with a pre-installed cartridge, and can be set up in minutes.
Audio Research VT80 Power Amp 

The much-awaited VT80 power amp is available. This 75W open-chassis design has, for the first time from Audio Research, an auto-biasing circuit for the vacuum tubes. We have the LS28 pre, the DAC 9, and the PH 9 phono stage in store, allowing you to hear a complete Foundation Series system. 

Audio Research VT80, $8,000

AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon and NightOwl Carbon in Store

A more sophisticated, more mature version of the award-winning NightHawk, NightHawk Carbon boasts several acoustic, ergonomic, and cosmetic refinements, adds a second pair of earpads, and includes a more versatile, durable cable—all while retaining its predecessor’s exceedingly low distortion, unsurpassed comfort, and naturally beautiful sound.

The NightOwl Carbon is a new closed-back around-the-ear headphone offering from AudioQuest. 

AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon and NightOwl Carbon, $699

Bluesound Now in Stock 

Bluesound makes high-quality, easy-to-use audio products. They can stand alone, connect to speakers, or connect with an existing system. They connect with each other and provide music throughout your home. Control your music from a phone or tablet app that's one of the best-looking and easiest to use apps we've seen at Sunny's. Bluesound combines the design and ease-of-use of lifestyle products, with the sound quality of a "proper" audio product--the kind you'd expect to find at Sunny's! 

AudioQuest Niagara 5000

At $3,995, the Niagara 5000 sits at a sweet spot, opening up a swathe of mid-level systems to AudioQuest's amazing power-conditioning benefits. 

Just like the flagship Niagara 7000, the 5000 has been designed by Garth Powell , and embodies the same design philosophy and overall approach to AC power management.

We have the Niagara 5000 on the floor for demos, and available for immediate sale.

REL No. 25 Reference Sub-Bass System at Sunny's

We recently had the World Premiere of this astonishing new sub-bass system from REL Acoustics. David Schultz of REL came out to set these up, and conduct a sub-bass clinic at a store event. 

We have a pair of No.25's supporting a system with high-end Audio Research electronics, and a pair of the Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF. The scale and musicality of this system with three great brands working together, along with AudioQuest cables and power conditioning, will bring tears to your eyes. 

Drop in any time to listen to this awe-inspiring set up.

T+A DAC and Aurender Streamer Available

T+A DAC 8 DSD available for immediate sale. $3,995

Aurender N100 H 4TB. $2,600


Arcam 411 Blu-ray

Arcam Integrateds

Arcam AVR250, AVR550
& AVR 850 Receivers.
A29 and A49 Integrated Amplifiers