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Experience the Lost Art of One-to-One High-End Audio Consulting

My name is Sunil Merchant and I welcome you into my store. A labor of love, which stems from my affinity towards designing and building simple, effective, and technologically advanced high-performance systems. At Sunny’s we believe in understanding our customers' specific needs and personality which are reflected in the systems we build for you.
We work with over 50 manufacturers of high-end audio equipment. In our store you will find a range of speakers, cables, display devices, and electronics to fit your  budget no compromise on performance. So whether you love two-channel music, or multi-channel home cinema, our store is a one-stop shop for all your requirements.
We have a huge showroom set up with several systems, both vacuum tube and solid state, in a wide range of prices. You are very welcome to drop by anytime during store hours, and listen to our systems, or call us at 626-966-6259 for a consultation appointment. We are closed Sunday and Tuesday. Weekdays, 10am-5.30pm. Saturday, 11am-4pm.

Featured and Recent Blog Posts

  1. A Day at AudioQuest: What's a Boombox Demo?
    06 Oct, 2016
    A Day at AudioQuest: What's a Boombox Demo?
    I like to remain agnostic about audio: that most of the time I don’t have enough knowledge or information to make a decision either way. And so, while I’m not a cable skeptic, I did have reservations about how much of a difference cable could make. I’d heard improvements in my system, but almost all my cable changes have been accompanied by a change of components. This is why my day at AudioQuest was eye-opening. For the first time, I properly heard the effect of a range of speaker and HDMI
  2. T+A DAC 8 DSD praised in 'Stereophile'
    21 Sep, 2016
    T+A DAC 8 DSD praised in 'Stereophile'
    The T+A DAC 8 DSD is in stock at Sunny's, and available for immediate purchase, $3995 Stereophile, October 2016, just gave the T+A DAC 8 DSD an A+ rating in its 'Recommended Components: Fall 2016 Edition'. The same issue also contained an eight-page review of the DAC by Jon Iverson. He seems to have loved the product, and we are sure you will too. Call and come in to the store to audition the product, and walk out with a new unit! Iverson wrote that one of this favorite features of the DAC 8
  3. Audio Research Bonanza at Sunny's
    19 Sep, 2016
    Audio Research Bonanza at Sunny's
    We have a range of Audio Research products available for immediate sale. We offer special prices when you buy a system from us. Call (626) 966-6259 for more information and pricing, if not listed.  Power amplifiers Audio Research Reference 250 SE, silver, demo. The acclaimed 250W tube monoblock amplifiers.  Audio Research Reference 75 R, silver 75W stereo tube power amplifier. $6,000 Audio Research Reference 75 SE, silver 75W stereo tube power amplifier. $10,000 Audio Research GS150, silver
  4. A detail view of the Wilson Audio Specialties Sasha Series 2 loudspeaker
    19 Sep, 2016
    Come with Sunny's on a Wilson Audio Installation
    We visit a customer in Palm Springs with a pair of Wilson Audio Specialties Sasha Series 2 for an optimized speaker installation We don't know if you've ever moved a Wilson Audio Specialties loudspeaker, but once you've hefted one (even if you haven't heard one), it's clear David Wilson doesn't mess around. These are seriously heavy speakers. But we don't mess around at Sunny's either, and we were out in Palm Springs, cajoling the Sophias out of the house of good Sunny's customer and all-round
News and New Arrivals
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REL No. 25 World Premiere at Sunny's, Oct 21 and 22

Join us for the world premiere of this reference subwoofer from REL, celebrating their 25 years of building fine sub-bass systems. 

No. 25 features a 1,000W amplifier, with a lightweight carbon fibre 15” driver. These are controlled by REL's legendary filter sets and proprietary crossovers with two separate parametric equalizers permitting remarkably flat in-room response, while maintaining the speed and resolution for which modern RELs have become known.

October 21 and 22, 11am to 5pm at the store.

David Schultz of REL Acoustics will conduct a Sub-Bass Clinic. Click here for details

Technics Show Day

R1 Reference Series to C700 Series 
In addition to our REL World Premiere, we're showing a range of Technics products. Come hear the R1 Reference Series, the Grand Class G30 Series, and the Premium Class C700 Series. And of course, a 1200-G turntable.

October 21 and 22, 11am-5pm, Sunny Components 

Wilson Audio Yvette on Demo at Sunny's

The new Wilson Audio Yvette is here! The Yvette sits between the Sabrina and Sasha, and on first listen is truly astounding speaker. Yes, we've heard the whole Wilson Audio line-up, and we were still surprised. 

Come in today to listen to this incredible loudspeaker. See more photos here

Audio Research Bonanza at Sunny's

We have a range of  Audio Research products available for immediate sale. We offer special prices when you buy a system from us. Click here for details .

T+A DAC and Aurender Streamer Available

T+A DAC 8 DSD Just arrived. Available for immediate sale. $3,995

Aurender N100 H 4 TB. $2,600

Wilson Audio Specialties

We at Sunny's carry every single Wilson Audio Specialties speaker in stock. We invite you to visit us for a one on one consultation in our store. Together we shall custom build a system that is tailor made for you. Visit our Wilson Audio page .

Meridian Audio Ultra DAC

World Premier of the FINEST DAC built by Meridian Audio. Now in STOCK

A combination of world firsts and innovative technologies positions the new Meridian Ultra DAC in a class of its own Meridian Audio, the undisputed pioneer of high-resolution audio, unveils the Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter.

We at Sunny's have a complete Meridian Home Cinema on demonstration. We also have a Reference two-channel system with 7200SE and 808V6 Processors. Call us to trade-in and trade up all your Meridian products. Visit our Meridian Audio page .


The Technics SL1200-GAE turntables are back in stock, but will sell out fast.

Get them before they're gone.

GoldenEar Technologies

We at Sunny's demonstrate and display every GoldenEar speaker in our store. Visit our GoldenEar product page, click here.

We also have in-ceiling speakers and a complete GoldenEar home cinema on display.

We also have a 15% off sale on all our demonstration speakers.
Audio Research Corporation
We at Sunny's have every single Audio Research product in stock.

15 % - 25% off on some Demonstration products

Call us or better yet come by and visit us at our store.

Audio Research Reference electronics.
Audio Research Foundation series electronics.
Audio Research Galileo series electronics.
Audio Research Dimension series electronics.
Demonstration units are available for sale now.

Acoustic Signature WOW XL is now available at Sunny's


Audioquest Speaker Cables

Audioquest Niagara 7000

Audioquest Niagara 1000


Arcam 411 Blu-ray

Arcam Integrateds

Arcam AVR250 & 850

Aerial Acoustics
Model 5 T, Model 7CC and the 7T

Bel Canto Black. Store Model on Sale. ASC1 and MPS1

Bel Canto's BLACK is on special promotion

Come visit us for more information.

Acoustical Systems

Acoustical Systems Aquilar tonearm and Archon cartridge