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Dan D'Agostino Momentum 

Some people are suspicious of how pretty Dan D'Agostino's products are, but trust us, they sound astounding. Our main showroom has the Momentum pre and monoblocks connected to Wilson Audio Alexx's, with a Meridian 818 source, and it sounds ridiculously good. 

Audio Research Reference 10

A preamp and power supply in separate chassis'. We have this in our flagship system with Ref 750 monoblocks, and Wilson Alexandria XLF loudspeakers.

Demonstration unit available for sale

We have 2 extra units in stock in Black and Natural

Audio Research Reference 6

This outstanding pre is on the floor and ready to audition with Ref 250 SE monoblocks, and Wilson Audio Yvette loudspeakers. 

Audio Research SP20

Audio Research LS28

The pre from the excellent Foundation Series, now with a perfectly matched power amp, the VT80.

Meridian 818V3 Reference Audio Core

The reference Sooloos end point, and pre-amplifier with a DAC.

Naim Audio NAC-N 272 streaming pre-amplifier

A streamer, DAC, and pre-amplifier from the legendary British brand.

Audio Research GSPre

T+A DAC 8 DSD Pre-Amplifier / DACs with Volume Control

Remember, if you have a DAC with a volume knob, it will function as a preamplifier for one or more digital sources.

T+A P1260R

This was a reference pre-amplifier of none other than Niel Gader from The Absolute Sound.
We have this amazing unit which was our store demonstration model for sale.
This unit can now be purchased for $3795.00

T+A P10 2 2 units in stock.

 An Anniversary edition component that is amazing.
T+A has always designed amazing electronic units.
Here is a fine example of an amazing unit that performs above and beyond its price point.