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Dave Wilson is unapologetic about using his ears as a design tool because while fidelity of the live event may be difficult to measure, it is not difficult for even the casual listener to hear.

Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF 

Two demonstration pairs available for sale. Black and Desert Silver. Call for pricing

Regulars to Sunny Components know that we have not one, but two demo pairs of this incredible loudspeaker, one of the best on earth. We have a pair in Black, and the other in Desert Silver. These speakers combine majestic scale with headphone resolution—they inspire awe, but these aren't mere showcases. They are musical and engaging, and yes, you actually forget they are in the room.

The Alexandria XLF features a 1-inch super-tweeter, a 1-inch tweeter, two 7-inch midranges, a 13-inch woofer, and a 15-inch woofer. They have a 93.5 dB sensitivity, and go down to 19.5 Hz.

These loudspeakers won The Absolute Sound  Cost No Object Loudspeaker of the Year in 2012. Here is a review from Stereophile. 
"The Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF offers the ultimate sound reproduction for the home, with full bass," says Sunil Merchant, owner, Sunny Components

Sunny's July Anniversary store demonstration sale

1. T+A Criterion TCD110 S -- 1 pair on sale at $8995.00 Retail $16000
2. T+A Criterion TCD210S  -- 1 pair on sale at $7495.00 Retail $13000
3. T+A Criterion TCD315S  -- 1 pair on sale at $4995.00 Retail $6995.00
4. T+A Criterion TCD410S  -- 2 pair on sale at $2995.00 Retail $6000.00
5. T+A Soliataire 1000S Signature in Carbon fiber --On sale at $39995.00
6. Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 -- Porsche Silver $49K
7. Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF -- Piano Black DEMO SALE ! 115K
8. Wilson Audio Yvette                 -- Morning Frost. DEMO SALE ! 21K
9. Wilson Audio Alexx                  --- Desert Silver DEMO Sold !
10 Wilson Audio Duette 2           -- Silver Demo Sale $12,500
11. Wilson Audio Watch Series 2 Sub-Woofers 5K each
12. Wilson Audio Sabrina-- Sale at 25% off
13. Audio Physic Aventara Plus -- Trade-in $30K Retail sale at 11K
14. Aerial acoustics Model 9 --Trade-in Retailed at $13,500 sale $4995.00
15. GoldenEar Triton 2, 3 and more. 25% off


Take advantage of the Audio Research Trade-in program.Call us for more details.