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Digital Source: Disc Players

Meridian 808V6

This reference CD-player allows you to access its DAC with multiple digital inputs.
Manufacturer webpage

Audio Research Reference CD9 player and DAC

A CD-player and DAC, with multiple digital inputs.

Audio Research CD6 player and DAC

A CD-player and DAC, with multiple digital inputs.
Manufacturer webpage

T+A Multi Source DAC with CD Player and streamer

A CD-player and DAC, with multiple digital inputs.

T+A PDP 3000 HV

A total Digital source.
The PDP 3000 HV is the most sophisticated player in the HV series, and
has been developed specifically to reproduce high-resolution audio data
without any trace of compromise. For this reason we have equipped the
machine with a uniquely superior disc mechanism which reads CD and SACD
media perfectly, and transfers their data to its superb PCM and DSD
converters. To convert PSM data we are using our superb
Double-Differential Quadrupel Converter and for the conversion of DSD
data up to DSD 512 we have even develop a new technology: the unique T+A
True 1-bit DSD Converter, a genuine analogue single bit converter.
Since this unique converter concept is ideal for use with external
sources, we have also designed the PDP 3000 HV to operate as a DAC,
featuring seven digital inputs! This technology is unparalleled on the
world market and explains the huge number of excellent reviews for our
DPD 3000 HV.

Naim Audio CD5 XS

Naim's "premium entry level" CD-player is a player you can easily live with in conjuction with an analog or streaming source. Like everything from Naim, build quality and sonics are excellent.

Sunny's July Anniversary store demonstration sale

1. T+A Criterion TCD110 S -- 1 pair on sale at $8995.00 Retail $16000
2. T+A Criterion TCD210S  -- 1 pair on sale at $7495.00 Retail $13000
3. T+A Criterion TCD315S  -- 1 pair on sale at $4995.00 Retail $6995.00
4. T+A Criterion TCD410S  -- 2 pair on sale at $2995.00 Retail $6000.00
5. T+A Soliataire 1000S Signature in Carbon fiber --On sale at $39995.00
6. Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 -- Porsche Silver $49K
7. Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF -- Piano Black DEMO SALE ! 115K
8. Wilson Audio Yvette                 -- Morning Frost. DEMO SALE ! 21K
9. Wilson Audio Alexx                  --- Desert Silver DEMO Sold !
10 Wilson Audio Duette 2           -- Silver Demo Sale $12,500
11. Wilson Audio Watch Series 2 Sub-Woofers 5K each
12. Wilson Audio Sabrina-- Sale at 25% off
13. Audio Physic Aventara Plus -- Trade-in $30K Retail sale at 11K
14. Aerial acoustics Model 9 --Trade-in Retailed at $13,500 sale $4995.00
15. GoldenEar Triton 2, 3 and more. 25% off


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