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Power Amplifiers

Dan D'Agostino Momentum 

Some people are suspicious of how pretty Dan D'Agostino's products are, but trust us, they sound astounding. Our main showroom has the Momentum pre and monoblocks connected to Wilson Audio Alexx's, with a Meridian 818 source, and it sounds ridiculously good. 
Manufacturer webpage  (We have the older model in stock.)

Naim Statement series amplifiers

We at Sunny's are proud to carry Naim components in the store. We have the Statement series on Demonstration and sale. Paired with the Naim NDS and the Naim Core you have a fantastic high performance audio system.

Crafted for pure musical performance, Statement is the pinnacle of Naim
Audio engineering knowledge and artistry. The series comprises the NAC
S1 preamplifier and NAP S1 mono power amplifiers. 

Audio Research Reference 750

Regulars at the store will know these amps well. They have monstrous power and yet can be so subtle and delicate. These are the heart of our flagship system, and these non-SE amps can be updated to the SE version.

Meridian 857

The new reference power amp from Meridian. Combine with the Ultra DAC or other 8x8 products and create an "Ultra Stack". 250W into 8 Ohms, and bridgeable to an amazing 1kW!

Audio Research Reference 250 SE monoblocks

These outstanding 250W monoblocks form the base of one of our favorite floor sysems, with a Brinkmann Bardo or Aurender N10 source, Ref 6 pre, and Wilson Audio Yvette speakers. 

Audio Research Reference 75 SE

The NEW KAYA range is the authentic Vivid Audio listening experience, made more accessible. These three-way loudspeakers take all our patented technology and package it in sleek, compact enclosures: perfect for rooms where the sound system is part of the space, rather than the main feature, and great for home theatre.

The position of the tweeter and mid-range driver gives KAYA speakers a more directional sound, taking you deeper into the performance.

And once you’re in there, you can revel in every detail, and the seamless, uncluttered sound field created by ourunique engineering-led approach.

KAYA loudspeakers could only be made by Vivid Audio. Those curvaceous profiles. The patented technology.

Above all, that astonishing sound quality, free from all resonance and coloration, that opens the window wide on the performance. And of course, they’re completely revolutionary, in their own understated way. Smooth, clean lines, and a detailed, focused sound that draws you in, holds your attention. Easy to live with.

Truly life-enhancing

K90 $26,000
K45 $18,000
K25 $9,000

Kaya 90 will be available for audition by the 3rd week of July.

Sunny's July Anniversary store demonstration sale

1. T+A Criterion TCD110 S -- 1 pair on sale at $9995.00
2. T+A Criterion TCD210S  -- 1 pair on sale at $8495.00
3. T+A Criterion TCD315S  -- 1 pair on sale at $4995.00
4. T+A Criterion TCD410S  -- 2 pair on sale at $3695.00
5. T+A Soliataire 1000S Signature in Carbon fiber --On sale at $39995.00
6. Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 -- Porsche Silver
7. Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF -- Piano Black
8. Wilson Audio Yvette                 -- Morning Frost.
9. Wilson Audio Alexx                  --- Desert Silver
10 Wilson Audio Duette 2           -- Silver
11. Wilson Audio Watch Series 2 Sub-Woofers
12. Wilson Audio Sabrina
13. Audio Physic Aventara Plus -- Trade-in
14. Aerial acoustics Model 9 -- Trade-in
15. GoldenEar Triton 2, 3 and more.
16. Wilson Audio Tiny Tot with Naim Uniti atom Package for $10,500
Wilson Audio Tiny Tot with Uniti Star at $12995.00
17. Aerial Acoustics Model 5T with Uniti Atom and speaker cable $6795
18. Wilson Audio Alexia series 1 -- Black finish Trade-in $25995.00
Take advantage of the Audio Research Trade-in program.Call us for more details.

Naim Audio NAP 300 DR power amplifier 

Audio Research GS150

Audio Research VT80

Rounding out the Foundation Series, this 75W power amp features ARC's first self-biasing circuit. 

We at Sunny's stock both the Black and Silver finishes now.


It's hard to imagine the AMP 8 paired with anything but the DAC 8, but this is a highly capable 110W power amp featuring high-voltage internals and a symmetrical dual mono design. 

Bryston 4B-3

4B³ Amplifier
The Bryston 4B³ is a dual channel (stereo) amplifier which is acclaimed internationally as being suited for the finest and most sophisticated sound systems. It is currently our most popular Cubed Series model.
Inputs: 2x Balanced Inputs (XLR or TRS), 2x Single Ended Inputs (RCA)
Power Capabilities:
300W into 8Ω
500W into 4Ω
900W into 8Ω (Bridged Mono)
Active extremely low distortion input buffer
Balanced and Single Ended audio inputs
Selectable gain at 23 or 29dB
Regulated power supplies to all voltage gain stages
Independent power supplies for each channel
Convection cooled and housed in a fully aluminum chassis.
No fans or other moving parts
Bridging switch configures amplifier into a single 900W Channel
Available with silver or black faceplate (3U + .55”)
17” (without handles) or 19” (with handles) faceplate available (non-rack mountable)
Rack mountable Pro Edition available in black (see Cubed Pro for more details)